Bikes in Schools Project



Bikes in Schools is a unique concept which aims to provide all pupils at primary schools regular and equal access to a bike, bike helmet and specially designed bike tracks, within the school environment.

The aim is to encourage pupils to become more active and healthy, help them develop various bike skills; builds their self-esteem and confidence, all while in a safe and familiar environment.

By providing a complete biking package within the school that includes;

•A fleet of new bikes
•A bike helmet for every child
•Combination of riding, pump and bike skills tracks
•Bike storage facility (where needed)
•Bike coach to introduce the project and teach basic riding skills

All bikes and helmets are owned by the school and remain on the school property. The tracks are built within the school property.

To check out the Bikes in Schools video please click here

Why is Bikes in Schools successful?

◦ Impact: It generates positive impacts for all the children
◦ Demand: All children want to ride bikes
◦ Supply: A complete package is available on-site at the school
◦ Effective: Provides high level of regular biking/physical activity
◦ Simple: Low level of organisational input required from the school
◦ Risk Management: Proven in-school programme is low-risk
◦ Cost: Upfront investment of only approx. $150 per child

What is the main directly measurable impact of Bikes in Schools?

The regular access to and riding of a bike goes from approximately 30% of the pupils to 100% of the pupils. This impact is both immediate and measurable.

What are the other positive impacts of Bikes in Schools?

Feedback from Principals, teachers, parents and pupils continually state that it;

•Raises the confidence and self-esteem of pupils through a fun activity
•Delivers health and wellbeing outcomes for the pupils (and staff)
•Provides an opportunity to self-manage risks within a safe environment
•Instils the habit of using an environmentally-friendly form of transportation
•Results in more children and extended family biking more often

For more information in the Counties Manukau Region contact:

Brendan Boreham
P: 029 437 0873

For more information on the Bike On Charitable Trust please click here

Key Partners:
SPARC Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation Honda ASB Trust Fairfax Auckland Council John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation New Zealand Community Trust