Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills

Counties Manukau Sports has developed a fundamental movement skills programme that is is being offered to schools. The programme was piloted in 2010 with teachers and children in pilot schools and early childhood centres across Counties Manukau.

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks for successful participation in games and sports. Examples of these skills can often be seen in the different games our students play in the playground, (hopscotch, elastics, tiggy) as well as the organised games as part of PE and sport.

The skills that are focused on during this programme are walking, running, jumping, climbing, balance, hopping, skipping, sprint running, side galloping, overarm throwing, jumping for distance, leaping, balancing on one foot, two handed striking, catching, dodging, jumping for height, chest passing, foot dribbling, hand dribbling, kicking, punting and one handed striking.

These skills along with developing spatial and body awareness help to increase the child’s ability to learn. 
Research shows that fundamental movement skills are the key to addressing issues of participation levels in physical activity. If students are proficient in fundamental movement skills they are more likely to participate in games and sports and establish long-life commitment to health and physical activity. They also develop self esteem which flows through into their academic school work.

Counties Manukau Sports believe this programme will benefit our children to grow into healthy confident and positive young adults.

The Counties Manukau Sports Fundamental Movement Skills programme is available for schools. If your school is interest in FMS please e-mail

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