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Fundamental Skills Teacher Mentoring and Support


We have been fortunate to receive a funding grant from the Lion Foundation to support the delivery of our Counties Manukau Sport Fundamental Skills programme.

The key outcome of the project is to mentor teachers to develop confidence and capability to deliver FMS.

Targeting teachers of Year 1-4 students, participating schools will receive support across one term.

The support will include

·         30 FMS sessions of half an hour. This will be a combination of FMS advisor delivery, co- delivery with the classroom teacher, and the classroom teacher delivering while being observed and mentored by the FMS advisor.

·         2 FMS Teacher PD workshops. The aim of the workshops is to familiarize the teachers with the skills, games and planning leading up to the delivery.

·         Support for 2 FMS Have a Go type for the teachers/ classes involved with the delivery.

We are looking for schools for 2017.


Ideally we would like to work with 5-6 teachers and their classes (one morning per week on a regular timetabled basis)

If you would like your school to be involved in this FMS initiative please get in touch asap so we can come in and discuss, and work out a programme that will benefit your staff and your students.

Leann Grey

Fundamental Movement Skill Advisor


CMSport is pleased to share the 2013 FMS Updates

Better late than never huh!

Since we developed our FMS Handbook we have tried to develop and undate for each year. This includes new games and activities for the FMS skills. We are pleased to be able to post these up for teachers

For even more games and activities to help develop children's Fundamental Movement Skills click here



The Look of FMS in 2013 


Schools are being offered a range of different Options in 2013. To date CMSport has worked with over 60 schools to deliver and introduce Fundamental Movement Skills.

The following options are available to schools:

Option 1:
Teacher PD and Support
2 x Free Teacher P.D Workshops (1 hour each)
1 x Free Resource (further copies are available)
Support for 1 x Modelling session per teacher for those that would like support
Follow up with the school (how to implement, tailor to suit the needs of children)


Option 2:
Teacher Refresher
Refresher Training (for Schools who have had FMS training)
Staff Meeting (1 – 1.5 hours), introducing new games and activities, working through each of the skills and answering any questions schools may have.
Option 3:
New Teacher Training Afternoon
Register your new teacher/s with us at, once 7 teachers are registered a workshop afternoon will be held in a central location for new teachers to attend.
Option 4:
Workshop and In-School Delivery
1 x Free Teacher P.D Workshop (1.5 hours)


Option 5:
Support to organise and run a PlayStations morning or afternoon in teams or year groups to celebrate FMS within your school.  (PlayStations are a rotation of FMS activities that children practise the skills they have been learning) 


Release of the 2012 FMS Updates

For those teachers who already have the handbooks or those wanting just a handful of game ideas to develop Fundamental Movement Skills:

You can download the 2012 updates here

Keep your eyes peeled on our website for the 2013 updates.




 The Look of FMS in 2013

Key Partners:
SPARC Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation Honda ASB Trust Fairfax Auckland Council John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation New Zealand Community Trust