KiwiSport is a government funded initiative administered by Counties Manukau Sport to increase participation in sport for school-aged children.

What are the KiwiSport objectives?

The 3 main objectives are:

More Kids – Increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport during school, after school and by strengthening links with Sports Clubs.

More Opportunities – Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children.

Better Skills – Support children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary school level.

KiwiSport in Auckland

The 2015-18 KiwiSport investment plan for Auckland is the first time that there has been a single Auckland Plan covering both regional and local KiwiSport investment processes. Aktive-Auckland Sport & Recreation (Aktive) undertook consultation with national and regional stakeholders and each of the four local RSTs (Sport Auckland, Sport Waitakere, Counties Manukau Sport and Harbour Sport) completed consultation with their local community. The new investment plan aligns the processes, timings and the names of the funds across Auckland, to make it easier for organisations to seek funding for projects aimed at school-aged children and designed to meet desired KiwiSport outcomes. Investment has now been confirmed by the Sport New Zealand Board for the financial year 2016-2017. View the KIWISPORT INVESTMENT PLAN FOR AUCKLAND.

Key Changes

Time Frames: Funding rounds have now been aligned across the region. Local rounds (based on local RST boundaries will follow on from regional rounds of funding.

Fund Terminology: Fund names have been changed so they are consistent across the region.

Approval Process: The regional and local approval processes have been streamlined across the region. Approved and declined funding decisions will be made available to the public on local RST and Aktive websites.

KiwiSport Advisory Group: Aktive and each local RST will have a KiwiSport advisory group. These groups exist to provide a robust independent decision making process that will make transparent decisions around KiwiSport investment.

Non-Contestable Approval Process: To ensure transparency, and protect the reputation of organisations receiving non contestable investment, all non-contestable funds will operate under the principle of one over one approval. This will require a business case to be submitted to the Aktive Board.

Complaints Process: Aktive has a new complaints process that will be used at both regional and local level. Aktive will record all complaints and comments received about KiwiSport services and procedures and the subsequent action taken.

Application Forms: Redesigned application forms are now consistent across the Auckland region, for all Local Community Funds administered by the regional sports trusts, and for the Auckland Regional KiwiSport fund administered by Aktive.


Counties Manukau Sport

Counties Manukau Sport manages KiwiSport funding on behalf of the Counties Manukau community. It administers funding via two main streams:

Local Community Fund (Projects more than $5000 per annum)

Fast Fund (Projects up to $5000 per annum)

If you are a school, sports club, RSO, NSO, community provider or other eligible organisation, you may be able to apply to either of these funding streams to help make sport happen in your community.

After consulting with the Counties Manukau community in March 2015, it was identified that the priorities for KiwiSport were as follows:

Low cost opportunities for sport

Local or cluster delivery to avoid transport costs

Increase club/school links

Coaching – recruitment, retention and development

Training of volunteers/parents

Funding opportunities for emerging sports versus targeted and traditional sports

All projects applying to KiwiSport through Counties Manukau Sport are to meet the KiwiSport objectives, as well as address the Counties Manukau community priorities.

Click here for the Counties Manukau KiwiSport Quick Guide containing all the information you will need to know before submitting an application


Local Community Fund

2016 Fund now closed

Expressions of interest 2017 open 28 February 2017 and close 14 April 2017

Fund Type - Contestable

Full Application closing date 16 May 2017

This fund is for organisations applying for more than $5000 per annum. If you would like to apply to this fund, you are required to complete an Expression of Interest form and email to before the closing date. You will be notified of the outcome of your full application within 45 days of submitting the expression of interest. For criteria, guidelines and processes, please read the Counties Manukau KiwiSport Fund Quick Guide.

Click here to download the Expression of Interest form.


Fast Fund

Now open – No funding round – open until funds are exhausted

This fund is for innovative “start-up” projects that cost no more than $5000. Counties Manukau Fast Fund applications are accepted all year round until funds are exhausted. If you would like to apply to the Counties Manukau Fast Fund, you are required to complete an online application form. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 19 days of submitting the application.

Click here to complete an online Fast Fund application form.

The Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund

Opens – 1st January 2017

Closes – 17 March 2017

Fund Type – Contestable

Full application closing date 31 March 2017

This fund is contestable and distributed by Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation on behalf of the 4 local Regional Sports Trusts (RSTs), Counties Manukau Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland, and Sport Waitakere.

The investment is to support regional and/or national sports organisations for projects that operate in more than of one of the four local RST boundaries.

This fund is additional to the local KiwiSport funding distributed by the four local RSTs.


For more information, contact

Jacqui Johnston – Manager Young Peoople

Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation



M: 027 548 4614

Key Partners:
SPARC Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation Honda ASB Trust Fairfax Auckland Council John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation New Zealand Community Trust